Upgrade To John's "Lab Notes" Blog

We have been trying to upgrade John's blog (you may notice he hardly ever posts anything there anymore) so that it will be more interactive. This has involved a steep learning curve on our end. His current blog is in an old version of wordpress and is all set up in code so trying to make changes to it has been difficult for us. I currently know how to use Typepad (Spot The Cartoonist and Overbooked and Underpaid) and Blogger (this blog) but have had some difficulty learning the version of Wordpress that John is currently using but we are working our way through stuff and you should notice changes starting to happen at a (hopefully) rapid pace.

One significant change already in place is the addition of  a "Categories" link in the sidebar. No longer will you have to go wandering willy nilly through the monthly archives to find the posts about John's Journey To Syndication or similar posts. (Although the posts still come up in reverse order so you'll have to scroll back to the beginning.)

Hopefully this simple change will make the blog more user friendly to you, our loyal readers.

(And hopefully, it will make it more likely that John will get back to blogging :-) )

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