Arnold and Caroline Roth meet Tom Gammill

This year, as last year, Tom Gammill was the master of ceremonies for the Reuben Award Banquet. Along with presiding over the evening in general, he produced a series of short videos that were nothing short of hilarious. I'll be doing a long post about the Reuben weekend in general next week but, in the meantime  Tom, Arnie and Caroline have graciously given me permission to post this particular video. It will eventually be available on youtube as part of Tom Gammill's "Learn To Draw" series as will, (hopefully) several of the others. (There was a parody of a Ken Burns documentary - complete with violin music - that was sheer genius!)


 (BTW I apologize in advance for some sloppy camera holding on my part and a couple people walking in front of me but one of the reasons I've posted this version is so that you can hear the crowd reaction.)

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