Tall Tale Radio Interview - Reubens

For more inside scoop on John's nomination - and much silly digression into movies - check out Tom Racine's excellent podcast here.

Unfortunately, all the bits about our daughter's fascination with Monty Python's Holy Grail since the age of five were after the mic was off :-)


  1. The fact that your daughter claimed she was "Arthur, King of the Britons" at age 5 just means you two are the best parents ever. Haven't gotten to Monty Python with my 4 year old, but she DOES know most of the major Marvel comics heroes. :)

  2. Well I'm glad you see it that way, Tom - I'm not sure the folks that do the MPAA ratings would agree with you.

    For the record - we always fast forwarded through the Castle Anthrax.

    (Let her watch the Black Knight though.)

    We'll have to do a movie/parenting show sometime :-)

  3. Great to finally hear your voices. I really enjoyed the interview and kept wanting to join in! All that Sherlock Holmes and James Bond stuff. So very British!

  4. Well, we do love all things British over here on our side of the pond :-)

    Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Great interview!