When John's Not Working

What am I saying? He's always working :-) Between his graphic design business and the strip, there isn't a lot of free time. However, John occasionally squeezes other projects and activities in. One of these is our 1968 Bahama Islander sailboat - or, as friends like to say, "that hole in the water we throw money into".  Because of its age, coupled with our hard Wisconsin winters, it often needs a lot of work. 13 years ago John basically stripped and refinished everything and now, this summer, it is time to do all that again. 

All the woodwork has been taken off and refinished in our garage - I'll post pics when I get them. The deck has been completely stripped, sanded and refinished with new fiberglass. (These pics are pre-fiberglass)

All the railings, the mast etc. are also getting a facelift and are being checked for stability and safety. It's also time for a new compass - useful for not getting lost on an enormous freezing lake!

The interior cushions are original and are in pretty bad shape - I made covers for them 13 years ago but it's time to do that again as well.

Before they can be recovered, some of them need a little help.

Gotta love Gorilla Tape!!

New covers - I have these three done so far - I should be able to finish the rest by next week.

I'll post more pics when it's finished. It's a lot of work but hopefully all the repairs and restoration will last another 13 years! 

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