Arctic Circle

This plug is long overdue. Another one of my daily reads is Arctic Circle by Alex Hallet. With storylines centering around some displaced penguins and their friends, Arctic Circle launched with King within a year of Edison and we have been reading it ever since. To my knowledge, it is the only nationally syndicated strip with a prevailing theme of environmentalism - every Monday, in particular, has an ecological theme - and is the official strip of the Daily Green. One of my favorite aspects of the strip is this ability to focus on the environment in a pointed but not "in your face" way while still being very funny. Alex also has a terrific blog (listed in the blogroll at below right) that is a great resource for information on environmentally responsible companies and also ecological groups like "I hate plastic".  Since I do, in fact, hate plastic (and have been hoping for the return to glass bottles for so many things I buy at the grocery store) I was particularly interested in that one. 



  1. What a nice surprise to find this post in my RSS reader today - thanks, Anne!

    PS. I have basement envy - every time I buy something I have to play apartment Tetris to find somewhere to put it.

  2. My pleasure Alex!

    Yeah, I know - I'm very lucky to have a basement at all, I remember my apartment days well :-)