Get Deflocked Back Into St. Cloud!

One of our daily reads - both in our newspaper and on our dailyink - is Deflocked by Jeff Corriveau. We think it's not only one of the best new syndicated comics being produced today, it's one of the best syndicated comics being produced today. Jeff has spend many years honing his comedy skills as a writer for such illustrious shows as Seinfeld, Talk Soup, Saturday Night Live, etc.  and it shows.

Recently Deflocked was cut from the St. Cloud Times in Minnesota and Jeff needs the help of fans to get it put back. So if you are a comics fan who gets the St. Cloud Times - start making some noise by contacting the editor - John Bodette - either by email or on his facebook page:

Sadly, this sort of thing happens all the time and editors turn a deaf ear to the voices of the readers so it's probably going to take A LOT of complaining to reverse this decision. Don't let Deflocked down! Be a pest if you love the strip!

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