Are You Waiting For The Dramatic Moment?

To those of you who have already backed the Festival - Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
To those of you who are waiting for a BIG DRAMATIC MOMENT so put us over the top - "NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME, SCOTTY!"
I would also like to thank the folks who helped me get the word out about the fund drive this week. 
First, thank you David Hurley for posting a big article about the festival on your blog "Don't Pick The Flowers". In this post, I go into a little more detail about the city of Kenosha and I managed to scrape up a few good pictures from last year's festival compliments of Kenny Durkin's Blog.
Second, Thanks to Greg Berg who squeezed me in to the first 20 minutes of the morning show for Wednesday, 5/16 on WGTD (If you're looking for it in the archives, it's the show that features Mike Doughty)
Third, thanks to Mike Peterson who made me laugh with his stern scolding to non backers over on his blog "Comic Strip of The Day" Here is a fabulous quote from his blog - after you finish reading it, head over and read all the other pithy things he writes there, it is one of the best blogs on comics out there:
"So here's my argument:  It may well be that you aren't giving because you can't get to Kenosha and so you feel you won't benefit.
But don't you know anyone in Chicago (which is only 65 miles away) or Milwaukee (which is even closer)? 
Make a donation and send them an email that says, "I got you a present: Free admission to this really great festival! Sure, you can take one of your friends. Hey, wotthehell, take them both!"
"Let George do it" won't work. I'm George. I already donated.
Now it's your play."

And fourth, thanks to everyone who keeps continuously retweeting and sharing on facebook.

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