Another Book To Buy - Arlo & Janis

I am old enough to remember every year of the comic "Arlo & Janis", having first encountered it 25 years ago in the Chicago Sun Times (a paper we subscribed to simply because it had better comics than the Chicago Tribune).

I remember that Arlo & Janis was the first comic that my then newlywed self read that seemed to understand modern marriage in an honest - not simply gag driven - kind of way. And, they obviously were having sex. Which is something you weren't really allowed to do in a newspaper comic strip in those days. (Heck, you can barely do it now). I think of Arlo and Janis as sort of the Rob and Laura Petrie of comics. Rob and Laura may have had twin beds onscreen but we all knew what they were doing off screen :-)

Long overdue, Jimmy Johnson has just released a hardcover 256 page coffee table book collection of over 950 strips (let's call it a Treasury) titled "Beaucoup Arlo & Janis" which you can buy here.

Jimmy will also be appearing this Saturday in Memphis TN to sign copies of the book. He doesn't make that many public appearances so, if you are a fan, I highly suggest you clear your calendar for Saturday and high tail it over to Memphis. Details are over on "Spot The Cartoonist".

You can also read an excellent interview with Jimmy here.

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