Jonesing For My Ipad

This is the current home of my ipad.

Some of you know what this means. It means the ipad is drying out from a bender. Most specifically a trip into an aquarium.

Trust me, I didn't drop it into a tank of water just for fun. It was one of those Laurel and Hardy moments of juggling as I was gathering up my teaching materials and exiting class.

So the first thing on my list today after dropping kids off at school will be a trip to the craft store to buy large quantities of silica. From everything I've read, the rice/silica treatment is my ipad's only hope for recovery.

But the process takes a minimum of 3 days. 

Life without my ipad for 3 whole days!!

I have written elsewhere that my life has been taken over by my ipad, and I was kind of kidding. But the truth is, the second it fell into that fish tank, I started feeling withdrawl pangs.

Which have only intensified over the 14 hours since the incident.

Gonna be a long three days......


  1. Yes!

    Except for a few speckles left over on my display screen, the iPad seems to be working perfectly.