Geek Papas

If you are a parent you know that it is not enough to pass your DNA on to the next generation.

You must also pass down your values.

Your children should understand their heritage and the cultural influences that shaped you.

And, if those influences happen to be comic books and sci-fi movies - you must, I say must expose your children to the classics.

So if you geek out over which Star Trek Captain is the real Star Trek Captain and whether or not the Hobbit has the same sensibility as the Lord Of The Rings - who would win in a cage match - Green Lantern or Batman - or whether or not there should even be such a thing as a Star Wars Prequel - then I have a blog for you.

Geek Papas is the brainchild of Tall Tale Radio Podcaster Tom Racine. As a geek papa himself, he is building a community (or support group - depends on your point of view) of fellow geekdom torchbearers.

Head over and check it out:

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