Thank You Wiley

I would like to thank Wiley Miller for:

A) Making me spit milk all over my kitchen table,

B) Causing my husband to wander around the house all day whistling the Limbo song (which, of course, followed me into my dreams last night)

C) Prompting this hilarious essay on growing up Catholic by Mike Peterson. (You may have to scroll down to it - for some reason I can't link to the essay only)

And a note to Mike - in case you're wondering, Wiley was, indeed raised catholic, parochial school and all.  At the 2007 Festival of Cartoon Art I had the privilege of being at a table that consisted of my husband, John and 6 very well known editorial cartoonists. All of whom (Wiley and Mike Peters were two that I recall) were, as it came out in the conversation, the product of parochial school.

There must be some sort of anti-establishment elixir in that Holy Water.

1 comment:

  1. You can't rebel without something solid to rebel against. There were a disproportional number of Catholics and Jews among the hippies, too. A tree bears more fruit when it had been pruned.

    Hell is going to be a very funny place, with brownies.