Journey To A Book: Part "Deux"

John has posted his second installment of the process we went through to produce "The Edison Files: Notes From The Lab".

After he finishes this series, I will probably weigh in with some of my own remembrances :-)

Also, now that the holidays and a completely crazy travel filled Autumn are over, I am back to blogging over at Overbooked and Underpaid.

And, there are many opportunities to meet cartoonists coming up - I'm working hard to get as many of them posted as I can over on Spot The Cartoonist. In fact, I plan to have several more up by the end of the day. Cartoonists - don't forget, wherever in the world you will be speaking, attending a show opening, signing your book, or creating general mayhem in the public sphere, contact me at with your info and I'll get it posted asap!

And don't forget to buy a copy of the book! You can get it here in the Edison Store or over on the store on the Cartoonist Studio.

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