From The Archives - Know Your Scales

When this ran back in 2010 it got more mail than any previous individual Edison strip. Why you ask? Is it because it made fun of overweight people?


Because it offended folks who want to colonize the moon?


Because it has the wrong kind of scale for the joke?


Apparently for this joke to work properly the man should have been standing on a pressure sensitive scale - you know, like the average person has in their bathroom. NOT, we were informed, the scale pictured here. THIS type of scale would still be accurate, due to its use of counterweights, even on the moon.

And, if we'd really stopped to think about it, we would have known that. And the point the readers hit us with was that, as a strip that uses a lot of science, we SHOULD have known that.

But the truth of the matter is your run-of-the-mill bathroom scale just isn't that interesting to draw. Nor is it a particularly funny visual.

At the end of the day, Edison is a comic strip and we will probably continue to make little boo boos like this just because the dang doctor's scale is more fun to draw.

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