At The Reubens in Boston

Due to a lack of a working laptop (somethng I have to save up my pennies to remedy) I am not able to do quality blogging on the road. I have lots of great photos from the Reuben Award Weekend this year but, since they were taken on regular cameras and not some sort of "smart" "instantly interface with the internet" device, I won't be able to upload anything until I return on Wednesday. (We drove - it's going to take a while to get back. Yes, I know we're crazy.)

And the ipad, while great for a lot of things, is no substitute for a laptop when it comes to blog posting. Most of the customizations I usually add to my posts do not register when using blogger or typepad. I am thinking about checking out wordpress and seeing if that is better.

Anyway, in lieu of blogging I have been tweeting. So, if you want the scoop on our last five days, go follow me on twitter. If you just click on my tweets you'll get a pretty good picture of what has been going on.

Congratulations to all the award winners - especially to Richard Thompson for winning the big Reuben Award. Muchly, muchly deserved.

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