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Don't forget - I also run a blog called Spot The Cartoonist. It is a site devoted exclusively to publicity for cartoonist appearances. The appearances can be book signings, lectures, workshops, Q & A, exhibits of work with opening receptions - you name it.

It turns out cartoonists are running around appearing all over the place so, if you are a fan - (or fellow cartoonist interested in connecting with other cartoonists) this is the site for you to find out if anyone is appearing near you. The site has many ways to find appearances - there are tabs for monthly schedules, cartoonist name, and exhibit name, and also categories listings for geographical region.

You can keep up with all the current postings by subscribing to the blog's feed, going to the Spot The Cartoonist facebook page, or following me on Twitter.

I am posting new things all the time - sometimes several times a day during a busy week - so subscribing to the feed is probably your best bet for staying caught up.

So - if you are a cartoonist with an appearance to plug, check out the site and email me with your details and I will get them posted as soon as I can.

And a big thank you to the cartoonists that have put links to STC on their sites:  Paul Gilligan (Pooch Cafe), Sandra Bell Lundy (Between Friends), Norm Feuti, (Retail), Terri Libenson (Pajama Diaries), Hilary Price (Rhymes With Orange), Mike Rhode (Comics DC) and Peter Guren and all the fine folks at The Cartoonist Studio.

Another big thank you to my twitter followers and retweeters:  especially Tom Racine (Tall Tale Radio), Mike Witmer (Pinkerton), Jeff Koterba (Inklings and Editorial Cartoons) and Mark Thompson

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