Wild Wild West

Well I'm back from my two week road trip. I'll be blogging about it later but right now it's deadline time and I am madly coloring strips to send out. I'm taking a tiny break however because, as I color, I usually have the TV on - most frequently to METV which broadcasts old TV shows almost exclusively - and I had to acknowledge the debt we owe the station when it comes to material. Fans of the strip know that today wraps up a two week storyline revolving around the 1960's show Wild Wild West which starred Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. As it happens I am currently watching (or rather, listening to) "The Night Of The Juggernaut". With all the old shows currently available on METV and Netflix, don't be surprised if other shows turn up in Edison's Holographic adventures in the future :-)

It also turns out there is a great WWW fan site here. Enjoy!

Back to Work!

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